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Why Choose Us?

Our Team have Decades of Experience in Respective Specialized Areas ..!

We have a team of experts from esteemed organizations like NIT, IIT & IIM from the field of Metallurgical & Material Engineering, Welding Technology, Electrical & Electronics Engineering , Information Technology & Management. We at Hitherms are specialized in Thermal, Mechanical Design & Development of compact heat exchangers, Cold plates, Chassis/Enclosures and we also provide services like heat treatment & brazing .



We offer a wide range of Services and Provide a Real Time Projects

Hitherms has got dedicated team of experts who can provide the ideal manufacturing process & Hitherms believe the success of product / service is only possible after our customer delivers the product to the end customer. We strive to achieve the same as per our customer needs.

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Target your customers with the Right Services


Failure Analysis

Failure Analysis is the process to analyze the root cause for the failure



Brazing is a technique of joining of the similar are dissimilar materials / alloys.


Heat Treatment

Heat Treatment is the process of heating , holding and cooling


Precision Machining

Precision machining is a type of technical manufacturing



Hitherms we do consultation of before engaging with the any of the customer



Hitherms have got an expertise for doing inspections using suitable methods


What people say


Discover customer successful stories

Hitherms has got a dedicated team of experts who have involved in development of various solutions as per the need. We believe in confidentiality of the project . Our metal doctors can provide best medicine for symptoms based on interaction with stake holder

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Most Frequently Answered Questions

How to get connected for Career?

Career related information click here

How to get connected for product / services?

Product & Service related quires click here

How to get connected for Internship?

We believe in provided the internship which will improve to bridge the gap between the institute & industries. Based on your profile we can offer you an internship click here to provide your details.,

How to get connected for Institute & Industrial Relationship?

On Job & Class Room Training click here

Training / Upliftment of the skill level?

Hitherms strive for continuous skill upliftment of our employees, suppliers & customers to keep them updated with the latest technology available in the market. And we believe that “ Education is a life long process & man is a life long student” If you like attend the training by our professional experts please click here


Stay Update with Hitherms News & Blogs

Hitherms follow transparency with our concerned stakeholder & serving their interest which helps in keeping a good relation.We post latest news, blogs which helps us to know where we stand & how we are planning for future

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Aero India 2023

Aero India is one of the premier aerospace and aviation exhibitions in India, showcasing the latest technologies, products, and services in the industry. The event attracts visitors from around the world, including industry professionals, government officials, and aviation enthusiasts. Click Here to Read

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Kickstart Operations

Feb 22, 2023 Kickstart Operations Hitherms which is also called as Himanshi Thermal Solutions has started its operations at its facility at Navi Mumbai. The city which is well connected by air, land & sea in a floor area of which id having ded Meet Us at Aero India 2023 Hitherms project has been cleared […]

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