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Brazed Products

  • Honeycomb Shrouds
  • Pelletization Dies
  • Turbine Nozzle Guide Vanes
  • Sensors & Detectors
  • Biomedical Products

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Microwave Antenna guide are used in the microwave & radar equipment. However, with the continuous development of the microwave communication technology, antenna manufacturing technology has become a bottle - neck restricting development of equipment. Different from other electronic products, the overall function and the electrical performance of microwave antenna mainly guaranteed by the structure of the feed network. Therefore, the design the process and manufacturing of the feed network are the key technologies in the manufacture of antenna products. The final performance of the antenna is related to the size and position accuracy of each column of antennas after the assembly and welding. At the same time, it is necessary to ensure the tightness of the welding and the continuity of the welding seam between the antennas of each column.

Our Metal Joining Technique which helps for forming the strongest bonding possible & our bonding is done using the flux less process some of metals used as below

1. Aluminum

2. Steel

3. Copper

4. Nickel

5. Titanium

6. Tungsten

7. Carbide

8. Titanium

9. Ceramic

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