Some of the products are as given below

》Compact Heat Exchangers
》Brazed Products
》Cold Plates

Brazed Products

  • Honeycomb Shrouds
  • Pelletization Dies
  • Turbine Nozzle Guide Vanes
  • Sensors & Detectors
  • Biomedical Products

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Brazed Products

We at Hitherms have a expertise team graduated in the field of Metallurgical & Materials Engineering with decades of experience in the Brazing Products technique for joining similar & dissimilar Materials / alloys. Our Metal Doctors can suit a suitable alloy based on the end application requirements.

Our Metal Joining Technique which helps for forming the strongest bonding possible & our bonding is done using the fluxless process some of metals used as below :

1. Aluminum
2. Steel
3. Copper
4. Nickel
5. Titanium
7. Carbide
8. Titanium
9. Ceramic

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    Hitherms have specialized Metal doctors expertise in material joining process, joining similar & dissimilar materials using various technologies.

     Based on the application and requirement we design and test as per the hermetic joining requirement for various applications.

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