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» Cold Plates
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Specialized In Manufacturing Of

  • Aluminium cold plate
  • Inconel Cold Plates
  • Steel Cold Plates
  • Titanium Cold Plates
  • Copper Cold Plates

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Cold Plates

We at Hitherms are specialized in designing development & manufacturing of cold plates which are used to extract the heat by using fluids which will be flown internally on the plates by placing products like transistors, MCBs, PCBs, IGBT & others. By conduction & convention the heat is dissipated and based on the fluid passage by varying the temperature flow, type & pressure the required thermal properties will be maintained.

Types Of Cold Plates :
♖ Aluminum Cold Plates
♖ Copper Cold Plates
♖ Steel Cold Plates
♖ Tube Cold Plates
♖ Copper Tube Cold Plates
♖ Steel Tube Cold Plates
♖ Fin Cold Plate

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         We are specialized in manufacturing wide range of Heat exchanged which are future classified as plate fin Heat Exchangers,Micro heat Exchangers, Compact heat Exchangers which are made by using various alloys like Aliminium,Copper, Steal, Inconel based on the applications,functional & performance requirement.

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