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Types Of Compact Heat Exchangers

  • Oil Cooling Heat Exchangers
  • Fuel Cooled Oil cooled Heat Exchangers
  • Phase Change Material Heat Exchangers
  • Cryo Heat Exchangers
  • Cryo Coolers
  • Air to Air Heat Exchangers

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Compact Heat Exchangers

Compact heat exchanger’s can be characterized by its high ‘Area density’ which has a high ratio of heat transfer surface to heat exchanger volume, High heat transfer surface-area to volume ratios and high heat transfer coefficients compared to other exchanger types. The heat transfer surface area is increased by fins to increase the surface area per unit volume, and we have many variations available. Compact heat exchangers need to produce innovative designs to suit the market requirement, such designs are more efficient in terms of heat transfer. Although fouling and pressures are important designs consideration that make compact heat exchangers suitable based on applications. Threshold area/volume density of a range of generic heat exchangers that could be classified as

Compact heat exchanger operation type :
✈ Gas-Gas
✈ Gas Liquid
✈ Liquid-Liquid

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         We are specialized in manufacturing wide range of Heat exchanged which are future classified as plate fin Heat Exchangers,Micro heat Exchangers, Compact heat Exchangers which are made by using various alloys like Aliminium,Copper, Steal, Inconel based on the applications,functional & performance requirement.

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